PayPal Prepaid Card

PayPal Prepaid Card- Secure Payments Made Faster Now!

A PayPal Prepaid Card works just like a debit card and you can easily use it for making purchases or pay your bills wherever PayPal Prepaid Card is accepted. But, you have to activate a card prior to be able to use it. Activation is very simple to perform online.

Make a Prepaid Credit Card to Work with PayPal

Prepaid credit cards are able to provide a really convenient medium for your business so as to make the online purchases via PayPal. As long as, your prepaid card is having a Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American Express’ logo, you are able to use that card on any of the websites, which accept PayPal. However, money transaction between your PayPal’s account & a prepaid card can get more difficult. While, some of the prepaid cards are able to get connected to your PayPal’s account, others aren’t, based on the policy of that card’s issuer. Usually, you have to register the prepaid card in your name & address before linking it to your PayPal’s account.

Steps to Register for a PayPal Prepaid Card

To add one of the safety measures while using your PayPal Prepaid Card online, register your particular card using the MasterCard Secure Code program. There is no fee for registering your card & you secure yourself from the unauthorized online usage of your PayPal Prepaid Card. Here is how this works at any time your PayPal Prepaid Card is used online with the merchants who are signed-up with Secure Code, and your personal code has to be entered to get the purchase authorized. The program’s registration process is very simple.

Step 1-

Visit the PayPal Prepaid Card website to access Secure Code sign-up page.

Step 2-

Enter name of that financial institution which issued your PayPal Prepaid Card and click at ‘Go’. If you are not able to find out your financial institution onto the site, you cannot register with the SecureCode. The full list of financial institutions participating changes, so check back on a regular basis.

Step 3-

Click the name of your financial institution from that list that will take you to the registration page.

Step 4-

Register through clicking “Register Now” & accepting the given terms. Type your PayPal Prepaid Card number & your personal code so as to register for the card using your code. When this gets completed, you will get asked for the code while making the online purchases through a merchant who is enrolled into the program.

Register for Other Benefits

After activating PayPal Prepaid Card, you can easily register online to get the additional benefits, like theft protection & the ability of reloading the card with extra funds. Usually, you register PayPal Prepaid Card at the same web site that you used to activate it. Check out your card’s packaging to get any details, which apply to the particular PayPal Prepaid Card of yours. Registration typically involves entering your personal information, with your name & address. You will also require government’s issued identification like a driver’s license, or state’s issued ID, doing registration for the reload & protection features.

Online Activation of a PayPal Prepaid Card

The requirements to activate a PayPal Prepaid Card vary based on issuing company; yet you can easily activate most of the cards online.

  1. Go to the website of online activation as indicated in your card packaging.
  2. Enter your PIN and activation number that are given with the card.
  3. Press the submission button, like “Submit” or “Activate”.
  4. Remove any type of stickers over your card & sign it if it is indicated & your card will be ready to use.

So, get your PayPal Prepaid Card made today with the simple and easy activation process at your fingertips, and enjoy speedy money transactions more conveniently.

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